The Medicine Showdown


What are the big conversations?

What happens when public health is at odds with economic interests?
What changes when medical/scientific information comes from a woman vs. a man?
How do racial stereotypes influence the way we interpret messages?
How does the m​edium​ affect the message?

What’s the story?

Public health is placed at odds with the town’s economic interests in this municipal drama, set during the 1918 global influenza pandemic in small­-town Georgia. Based on Ibsen’s classic Enemy of the People,​ a dedicated widow doctor urges her brother, the mayor, to ban public gatherings– including the lucrative touring “medicine” show. But the charismatic Dr. Eggerton and his Miracle Medicine Show won’t go down without a fight!

What’s the show like?

Interwoven with the realistic scenes are numbers from a period medicine show, complete with tap dance, old time melodrama, country music, and vaudevillian comedy.

Why is this important now?

“What do we do about p​arents who refuse to vaccinate ​their children?
How should we balance health regulations with economic costs?
Should Dr. Mehmet Oz b​e applauded or feared?​
When is naturopathy an acceptable alternative to Western medicine?”
–Elaine Meyer (h​ttp://­review­the­medicine­showdown/)​

What are people saying about the show

“Top Ten of 2009. Top Fifty of the Decade!”

“Pitch­-perfect re-­creations of vaudeville and medicine show… just what the doctor ordered.”
– Creative Loafing

“A neat contemporary story because people are worried about H1N1…
It speaks to the idea of insincere salesman and public figures trying to sway peoples’ opinions.”
– AM 1690

“A local wonder… ferocious tap dancing and darn compelling sales pitches.”
– Smith & Kraus Dramatist’s Guild Report from the Regions

Can I read the script?

Click here: Med Show Script

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