Who are We?

We make plays that use time ­honored stage traditions — vaudeville, puppetry, stage magic, etc. — to tell stories about big ideas.

Using inventive staging to conjure timeless stories, The Flying Carpet Theatre Co. transports audiences to unexpected places, where they can experience our modern world from a fresh vantage.

Where Did We Come From?

Incorporated in 2003 and based in New York City, The Flying Carpet Theatre Company has created and premiered seven award-winning productions. We have performed our work in New York and Atlanta, our second home, as well as toured to Boston, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Edinburgh, Prague, Amsterdam, and Dublin.

Adam Koplan, artistic director, founded the company after spending formative time at Off-Broadway’s Playwrights Horizons and at Jacques Lecoq’s École Internationale de Théâtre. By merging contemporary American story-driven drama and European physical theater, FCT presents strong narratives with imagination-rich acting. Our productions draw from the well of staged entertainments—vaudeville, clowning, puppetry, dance, stage magic, etc.— to create new works that delight, inspire, and challenge audiences.

  • Genres
    • e.g.
    • American Musical Theatre
    • Illusion Magic
    • Puppetry
    • Peking Opera
    • Tap Dance
    • Country Music
    • Vaudevillian Comedy
    • Jazz
  • +
  • Themes
    • e.g.
    • The Price Of Success
    • Racial Identity
    • Redemption
    • Domestic Abuse
    • Civic Decision-Making
    • The Importance Of Reading Books
    • Parental Love
    • Commerce Vs. Public Welfare
  • =
  • A Deep

What Do We Do?

FCT operates as a not-for-profit organization, teaming with with patrons, funders, and community partners to advance the national theatre arts conversation. We create culturally relevant original productions. We foster an array of artists through play development and readings. We further our vision of the theatre as a place of interchange and dialogue through symposia and educational outreach.