Alpin Hong: Chasing Chopin

About the Show

Alpin Hong’s lifelong relationship with the music of Chopin has thrilled, haunted and sustained him – now he’s sharing his story with the world. Crafted in collaboration with Flying Carpet Theater Company’s artistic director Adam Koplan, Alpin Hong: Chasing Chopin journeys into Alpin’s extraordinary life, exploring how his experiences shaped him as a person and as a musician. The show gives a rare and intimate look into the origins behind Alpin’s gripping interpretations of classical masterworks. Hong’s daring mashup of autobiographical storytelling and dazzling piano performance dives into personal moments both hilarious and tragic, all the while remaining beautifully poignant.

Raised in a Korean immigrant household in Michigan, Alpin lived the model Midwestern American life with loving parents, a comfortable house, a little brother, and plenty of piano competition awards on the wall. However, at the age of twelve, Alpin experienced a terrible loss that dramatically altered the course of his life. During this turbulent time, music became one of his sole sources of comfort and upon entering college he felt compelled to abandon his passion of for music in pursuit of a degree in medicine. However, extraordinary twists of fate brought him back to the piano and the world of classical music. Fueled by his original passion, Alpin has launched a career that has taken him to Juilliard, Carnegie Hall, the White House, all 50 states, and beyond. Alpin’s narrative invigorates Chopin’s music and gives us insight into the emotional depth of classical artistry while reaffirming the indomitability of the human spirit.

Over several seasons, The Flying Carpet has toured Chasing Chopin to multiple locations across the country.