A Day in Dig Nation

About the Show

A mash-up of media, sound and live performance, this one-person adventure, performed by Michael McQuilken, features a man so consumed by technology that he forgets how to communicate with actual people. Rex, a somnambulist office drone, leads a dreary existence. When not pushing around a mouse in a fluorescent hellhole, he spends his time gobbling frozen dinners, zoning out on televised images and avoiding contact with real human beings (his mother, ex-girlfriends, etc.). But as his media-drenched life plods on, Rex becomes increasingly immersed in waking fantasies—fantastically represented with lush foley sound design, and full-throttle projected imagery. Unable to distinguish the real from the illusory, Rex is forced to make a decision that threatens to burst the womb-like comfort of his modern existence.

A Day In Dig Nation weaves a spellbinding tale of crisis and redemption in this exhausting technological age. A Christmas Carol meets The Wooster Group; It’s a Wonderful Life on an acid trip.

Press and Reviews

“Voice Choice … reminds us of an iPOD: quick-minded, colorful, plays great tunes, performs with multiple technologies, and is on the cutting edge of the industry.”
– The Village Voice

“*****… endlessly, effortlessly, cool.”
– Three Weeks, Edinburgh

“A formidable work of art. [McQuilken’s] digital projections are brilliant. A riveting work.”
– Prague Post