Robert Montano’s SMALL

Where does a bullied 12-year-old who’s all of 4’6” and 70 lbs go to find a place where he can be strong, powerful, respected? On the back of a thoroughbred racehorse, where being small is of the highest value. But when that SMALL kid begins to grow, what lengths will he go to stay on the track?

Robert Montano shares a roller-coaster autobiographical story of his transformation from a tiny bullied Puerto Rican boy who just wanted to dance, to an apprentice jockey learning the culture of the racetrack, to a professional rider, to self-destructive addict trying to maintain the rigorous demands of jockey-life, and finally to Broadway and beyond.

Written and Performed by Robert Montano; Directed by Jessi D. Hill; Sound Design by Brian Ronan; Dramaturgy by Adam Koplan.

FCT developed SMALL through public workshop performances at the National Opera Center, Signature Theatre, NYC (Hosted by Chita Rivera), and ART/NY in New York City. SMALL received a world premiere production with Penguin Rep, NY in March, 2022. More coming soon…