About the Show

‘The past isn’t dead, it’s not even past’ (William Faulkner). New York based pianist Roger Peltzman’s one–person show, Dedication, recounts his family’s tragic history fleeing the Nazis in war–torn Europe using drama, powerful images and musical performances of Blues to Beethoven, Mozart to Chopin. Drawn into the story of the family he never knew, Peltzman develops a ‘relationship’ with his uncle, Norbert Stern, a brilliant pianist who was murdered in Auschwitz at age 21. Learning that Holocaust trauma can be inherited, Peltzman is able to come to terms with himself and a past that becomes present.

The play is written and performed by Roger Peltzman; Directed by Jessi D. Hill; Projection Design by PXT Studio; Lighting Design by Kate Ashton; Sound Design by Jane Shaw. The Production Stage Manager is Hadley Armstrong.

In 2021, Dedication was filmed without an audience at the Sheen Center in NYC and the film has been screened in several major Jewish Film Festivals. The live show premiered at the 2022 Edinburgh Fringe Festival and received rave reviews. Dedication just finished a run at the Marylebone Theatre in London, UK and will embark on a national and international tour in 2024/25…more soon!

Press and Reviews

“The combination of story, music, history, and heart is incredibly potent and poignant. An extraordinary story….. powerful and moving.”
-The Wee Review
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“Dedication is put together with such grace, beauty and sorrow that it offers a richly rewarding and thoughtful experience. When Peltzman takes to the grand piano on stage, he plays like an angel.”
– The Scotsman
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“Throughout the performance, Peltzman’s style of storytelling was captivating and touching. A heartbreaking story was told beautifully through images and music. The beautiful quotes that were projected throughout this story were moving and created a beauty within this tragic story.”
-Theatre Travels
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“A beautiful celebration of a lost talent.”
– UK Theatre Web
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