FCT makes theater that looks back to look forward. Our productions use the tools of old fashioned spectacle to tell vital contemporary stories. We draw from the rich history of staged entertainments — American Vaudeville, European physical theater, puppetry, stage magic, etc. — to create new works that delight, inspire, and subtly challenge audiences. American entertainment history reflects the best and worst elements of our society, and the FCT uses this tension to investigate flashpoints in our culture. By rooting our work in age-old (and fun) forms, we pursue innovative theater that tackles big ideas and connects to core human needs: entertainment and storytelling.

Incorporated in 2003, FCT has premiered seven new full productions and helped to develop dozens of plays. FCT has performed in NYC, Atlanta, Edinburgh, Prague, Dublin, Boston, St. Louis and Philadelphia. Dedicated to nurturing emerging talent, FCT has produced early works by artists who have continued­ on to shape the American theater such as Robert Lopez (A​venue Q, The Book of Mormon, Frozen)​, Geoff Sobelle (A​ll Wear Bowlers, The Object Lesson)​, Topher Payne (A​ngry Fags, ​P​erfect Arrangement)​, and Tommy Smith (Lark PONY fellow/E.S.T. Sloan Grant).


Adam Koplan
Artistic Director

Kelechi Ariwodo
Operations Manager

Jessi D. Hill
Artistic Associate

Board of Directors

Alison Yager, Esq.
Attorney, NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene

Joel Lipsitch
Product Marketing Team, Bayer Crop Science

Martha Katz, Board Chair

Charlie Henn, Esq.
Partner, Kilpatrick Townsend

Barbara Stimmel, Ph.D.

Joshua Sperry
Labor Organizer, Engineers and Scientists of California, Local 20 IFPTE

Thomas Jesulaitis
Director of Contracts & Grants, American Institutes for Research in the Behavioral Sciences

Harlan Eplan

Adam Koplan
Director, President