Tickets on Sale for Chasing Chopin!

Flying Carpet Theatre is proud to announce that our newest production, Alpin Hong: Chasing Chopin, will be playing at the Del E. Webb Center for the Performing Arts on February 19, 2015 in Wickenburg, Arizona. The performance kicks off a national tour that culminates with longer runs in Atlanta and New York City.

Chasing Chopin is the story of concert pianist Alpin Hong, a child piano prodigy and son to Korean immigrants. Throughout this one-man show, Alpin shares the joyful and poignant events of his life, and how they shaped him as a person and musician. This mashup of autobiographical storytelling and dazzling piano performance dives into personal moments both hilarious and tragic, giving the audience a rare and intimate look into the reasons behind his gripping interpretations of classical masterworks.

Alpin has long championed the relevance and accessibility of classical music. In addition to his concert engagements, Alpin is active as a music educator and often shares his talents with children. The following video is from the Strings Music Festival in Steamboat Springs, Colorado: