The Medicine Showdown

Our Prescient 2009 Hit:

Regarding The Medicine Showdown, our adaptation of Ibsen’s Enemy of the People, we have no immediate plans to re-stage the play but we wanted to share some scenes that seem especially apt. The play, set in Norwich, Georgia in 1918, is set against the backdrop of a global influenza pandemic. A crusading doctor battles against a gang of snake oil salesmen in her quest to save the town.

Here are a few representative scenes…

For Our Photo Gallery and Info Sheet about the play, click HERE

To watch Atlanta theater luminaries, John Stephens and Jo Howarth, in our 2009 production, click HERE .

The climactic scene of the play, from our 2013 New York City production at the East 4th Street Theatre can be found HERE.

With all of our shows, we provide top-notch talkbacks with artists and experts. HERE is one of many talkbacks we did for The Medicine Showdown, with former Acting CDC Director Richard Besser and Global Health Expert Derek Yach.