Our Team:

Flying Carpet Theater employees are safe and healthy, we continue to follow strict safety guidelines, and are all still working remotely. The disease has indeed hit close to home. Our Associate Artist, Jessi Hill’s partner–though now completely recovered–was ill with the virus for several weeks and Jessi was her primary caregiver.  Even now, our staff meetings retain a more somber tone than had been our typical habit. Part of our heaviness also stems from the global “pause” on theater. Thankfully, FCT also did not have shows in active production at this exact moment so, unlike so many of our colleagues, we were not in the tough position of needing to cancel shows and refund tickets. Adam Koplan and Kelechi Ariwodo have been sheltering in place in Atlanta since March. 


Our COVID-19 Response:

Historically, FCT has an organizational structure that allows us both to develop new work in a given year, while simultaneously distributing the work we’d developed the year prior.  Our strategic response to COVID-19 has been to create a calendar where we funnel the majority of our resources toward the incubation and development of new plays (via playwright commissions and Zoom rehearsals). When the economy and life events recommence, we will have multiple new shows ready for distribution. At that point, we put a hold on new-show development and put most resources into the production side of our model, and presumably have a multi-year roster of ready-to-deploy shows for launch and tour.