Virtu-STORY-osity Productions Continue to Tour Across the Country

Andrew Nemr: Rising to the Tap enjoyed another development workshop in early April in New York City, and on May 4, Andrew Nemr and Flying Carpet Theatre — in residence through the CUNY Dance Initiative — will present “Storytelling Through Tap Dance,” a workshop that blends public speaking, storytelling, and tap dance.

Fueled by Nemr’s deep experience with many tap dance legends, including Gregory Hines, Savion Glover, member of the Copasetics, Mable Lee, Harold Cromer, and others, Nemr pays homage to the history of tap dance by combining high level musicianship, improvisation, and physical performance with an accessible and engaging presentation for audiences of all ages.

Andrew Nemr presents to students in the Bronx in 2016.

Rising to the Tap is a breathtaking dance concert interspersed with poignant autobiographical solo storytelling. Tap virtuoso Andrew Nemr depicts his struggle with bullying, identity, and culture. Nemr performs episodes from his immigrant story — his parents dramatically leaving Lebanon in 1976, his victimization at the hands of bullies in New Jersey, and his eventual mentorship under the legendary Gregory Hines. From being one of tap’s real insiders by a young age, to finding himself isolated and alone, and to a radical new understanding of himself and the role of Tap dance, Andrew Nemr candidly reveals a unique American journey. Rising to the Tap engages and inspires with a great story and musically explosive footwork.

Alpin Hong: Chasing Chopin continues to be seen regularly across the country. Recent Performances have been in Long Beach, California at the Richard and Karen Carpenter Performing Arts Center in March, and at The Vern Riffe Center for the Arts in Portsmouth, Ohio in April

Chasing Chopin, a mash-up of a classical music recital and an autobiographical one-person show, links Chopin’s music with Hong’s first-generation American immigrant family story. Hong’s lifelong relationship with the music of Chopin has thrilled, haunted and sustained him. Crafted in collaboration with Flying Carpet Theatre Company’s artistic director Adam Koplan, Chasing Chopin journeys into Alpin’s extraordinary life, exploring how his experiences shaped him as a person and as a musician. The show gives a rare and intimate look into the origins behind Alpin’s gripping interpretations of classical masterworks. Chasing Chopin has been touring the country since it’s premiere in February 2015.

Alpin Hong joins students the morning before his performance at the Vern Riff Center in Portsmouth, Ohio