Andrew Nemr: Rising to the Tap

Flying Carpet Theatre will premiere a groundbreaking new solo show, Andrew Nemr: Rising to the Tap in April 2016 before launching a national tour next winter. The show is part dance concert, part autobiographical storytelling, and depicts the true story of Andrew Nemr, a child of Lebanese immigrants in New Jersey who overcomes isolation, bullying, and stinging defeats to become an internationally-recognized professional hoofer.

Andrew Nemr, star of Rising to the Tap

Andrew Nemr, star of “Rising to the Tap”

Throughout the show, tap virtuoso Nemr pays homage to the history of tap dance by combining high level musicianship, improvisation, and physical performance. He recounts his parents dramatic escape from war-torn Lebanon in 1976, his victimization at the hands of bullies in New Jersey, his mentorship under the legendary Gregory Hines, and his experiences with tap dance legends such as Savion Glover, LeRoy Myers (original member of the Copasetics), Mable Lee, and Jimmy Slyde.

FCT is working in partnership with Andrew Nemr and his dance company, Cats Paying Dues, to create a narrative driven, culturally relevant show using the vehicle of tap dance to engage audiences in a unique way. Rising to the Tap follows in the spirit of FCT’s other autobiographical storytelling hit, Alpin Hong: Chasing Chopin, which is currently touring the nation.

Nemr’s choreography and solo work has been described as “a welcome return to the elegance of simplicity and the tap dancer as maker of aural magic” ( and “deeply touching” (Daily Gazette). He appears on Dave Eggar’s Grammy-nominated recording “Itsbynne Reel,” the DVD Documentary and companion album Tuesdays at Mona’s by Mona’s Hot Four, and as narrator of DanceTime Publications’ first tap dance DVD, Tap Dance History: From Vaudeville to Film. Andrew has also spoken at numerous TEDx events (TEDxCERN,TEDxPuraVida, TEDxSetonHall, etc.) and has his own TED ED Lesson on tap dance.

Rising to The Tap is generously supported by the City of New York through a DCLA grant.